The Toller Metamorphosis Show @ Interseccion Gallery

The Toller Metamorphosis Show @ Interseccion Gallery Fabrica Aurora, February 4, 5-8pm Hola queridos amigos I am super excited to be returning to San Miguel de Allende next week for the opening of a new show at the Interseccion Gallery at Fabrica Aurora. It is a Toller show with a twist. While Toller is widely known as one of San Miguel’s most celebrated artists, and he is certainly one of its most iconic personalities, in this show of breath-taking photographs, the artist has become the model. The photographs by internationally renowned performance photographer, Cylla Von Tiedemann are remarkable. Although they were taken in the 1980’s, they have have never been seen or exhibited before this year. Like Toller, these photos were very much ahead of their time. Both the photographer, Cylla Von Tiedemann, and Toronto gallerist Donna Child, will be present for the opening. Hope to see you at Aurora on the 4th. Big hugs and all best wishes, Phillippa

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