Remembering Toller Together: Second Anniversary


Toller died two years ago today.

The loss was sudden and shocking.

He was only 65.

He was an artist, an Olympian, a raconteur, a character. He was much beloved as a friend, a colleague, an employer.

Over the past two years, the stories, tributes, and reminiscences that have poured in about Toller have been inspirational and deeply touching. They deserve to be shared.

We invite you to contribute to the Remembering Toller Together project.

Tell us what Toller means to you. A few words. A moment.

We also welcome photos and especially pictures of how you have incorporated Toller’s paintings, drawings or estate sale items into your home or garden.

Clearly, we all carry a little piece of Toller in our hearts. Always will. We carry the memories, the stories, the laughter, the outrageousness, and the colour in his life and art. Let us celebrate him together.

Please be sure to include your name, email, phone and contact information. All contributors will be gratefully acknowledged.

Thank you so much,

Phillippa Cranston Baran

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