Toller would have turned 71 on April 20

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Toller would have turned 71 on April 20

Here is a reminder of how young he once was…

And how beautiful…watch this video created by Leo Oppenheim of Floskate. And how absolutely outrageous…

Let me share one tiny anecdote from Jeanie Gooden, a wonderful contemporary artist who enjoyed a long relationship with Toller. They were colleagues, friends, professionals, artists. Jeanie wrote:


My favorite story is introducing Toller to my mother. We rang the bell and were  ushered into the property. Down the path came Toller wearing a bright red suit with his huge brimmed hat. He carried a single rose. He knew that my Mother was a minister’s widow and that she was very nervous about visiting Mexico.

With a sweeping bow, he presented the rose and said, “Welcome Margie…while you are here I think you must drink more whiskey and have an affair.” Mother, now  90, still laughs about that moment. She will never forget Toller nor will anyone who ever met him.

Because of you, each and every one of you, Toller’s spirit lives on. There are many more birthdays to celebrate. And a very beautiful Toller book to launch.

Respect and love,


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