Phillippa Cranston Baran – Toller Cranston Exhibition, Cochrane AB, November 2023

CBC News: The National – Toller Cranston, Canadian figure skater dies at 65.

Benefit Gala: Toller Cranston Tribute Video, Ice Theater of New York, (ITNY), 2015

Casa Toller, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – Video of the house and property, 2015

Toller Cranston: Live Presentation, A Terrifying Obsession Exhibition – Chris Talbot, Art Evolution, 2013

Interview on Breakfast TV (Citytv), November 21, 2013

Carleton University Convocation, Toller Cranston, June 8, 2011

Toller Cranston Documentary, Pentimento Gallery, 2007 – This documentary was produced for BRAVO TV in June of 2006 and aired in 2007. It is about the life and artwork of Toller Cranston.

CPAC The Builder of Canada. Canadian artist and skating legend Toller Cranston sits down with Tasha Kheiriddin in 2001 to discuss how he revolutionized the sport of figure skating, and how he became just as well known for his paintings.

I Am a Hotel with Leonard Cohen, 1983

Totally Toller – A tribute to the original king of skating, Toller Cranston. Made by Floskate

Totally Toller Pro: The Artist. Made by Floskate

Toller Cranston 1976 World Figure Skating Championships

Strawberry Ice, 1982

Starry Starry Night, Stars on Ice, 1981

Toller Cranston, Minto Follies

Toller Cranston 1975 World Championships Documentary, A Film by Pen Densham, 1977. A rare documentary on Toller which charts his progress through the 1975 World Championships while taking a peek behind the scenes of his skating. Very interesting stuff with some gorgeous old footage of the 1975 World Championships. Includes interviews with his coach Ellen Burka.

 A Man to Remember, A should-be world champion on the ice in Moscow.

Toller Cranston, Firebird 1982

 Toller Cranston, 1980-1981 World Professional Landover Artistic program, La Rondine

Toller Cranston, 1976 Olympic Winter Games, Short Program

Best on Ice, Toller Cranston 1975 Moscow News Ex

Toller Cranston, 1974 World Championships Short Program and Long Program

Toller Cranston, 1973 World Figure Skating Championships Exhibition

Toller Cranston, 1971 Canadian National Figure Skating Championships, Long Program

Toller Cranson’s coach Ellen Burka shares her memories of the start of the relationship she shared with her famous student. For more on this story visit Pj Kwong’s blog at for more information and link to the Toller Cranston Memorial Fund.

Toller Cranston, legendary figure skater, remembered – Xtra Magazine

Hannah McCurley – These children are now in their teens. They will never, ever forget the experience of that amazing visit. Better than a trip to the moon. Thank you, Toller!

What makes San Miguel So Special?

Joni Mitchell used a film background featuring Toller, during the song ‘Black Crow.’ The song featuring Toller runs from 42:45-50:03.